Could Dwyane Wade Actually Leave Miami?

It’s hard to believe, but it may be the case that Dwyane Wade has played his last game in a Miami Heat uniform. This according to new reports which have surfaced claiming the 12 year vet and 3 time NBA champion and the only organization that he has played for appear to be at an impasse in contract negotiations.

What’s probably more surprising than the actual stalemate, is the fact that this sort of news got out. The Heat are usually very good at protecting information about their internal dealings, so the fact that this got out, doesn’t look well on them.

After all, this is the franchise that preached “Heat Lifer” and “Heat Family” to pacify the blow of losing Lebron James last summer. The fact that they are now at odds with the face of that mantra does not bode well at all.  Continue reading Could Dwyane Wade Actually Leave Miami?

Just What Are Basketball Courts Made Of

From the distinct parquet of the Boston Celtics to the plain Jane flood at the American Airlines Arena, home of the Miami Heat, there is something to be said for home court, and not just the crowd advantage. So just how are these floors so shinny and what material are the floors made of?

If you ever wondered these questions, we talked to flooring experts to find out. Turns out, these basketball floors are made of high polished maple wood. With a professional court being 94’X54′, that’s a lot of fancy and expensive wood. The reason they use maple as the material is because maple wood is very versatile and easily maintained. It is also very durable, which comes in handy considering that you have athletes generally over 6′ tall pounding the floors during games.

If you want to get a basketball court of your own and furnish it with maple wood floors, you need to keep a few things in mind. It is always best to hire professional tile and carpet cleaners to come in and do maintenance for you. For you do-it-yourselfers, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Do not wax maple wood floors that have been treated with a glossy finish such as urethane
  • DO NOT wash it
  • If you observe any damage to the hardwood flooring it is imperative to get it fixed right away

It’s always fun to have an indoor court at home but just keep in mind that it can be costly to maintain. It is recommended that you clean the service once every two weeks for heavy use. So next time you go to a basketball game you’ll know exactly just what are basketball courts made of.

Kevin Love Dreams Of Post Season Run Come To End

In a shocking twist of fate, according to multiple reports, Kevin Love, F Cleveland Cavilers, appears to be done for the 2015 NBA Playoffs. According to the team, Love suffered a torn labrum. The injury is so bad, that it is likely that it will require surgery in order to heal. Even without surgery, a time table of 4 to 6 weeks would be required to recover.

Even if the Cavs manage to make it all the way to the Finals, it is likely that Love will have no shot of playing. This is a devastating blow to the Cavs, but an even bigger one for Love who for the first time in his NBA career experience the Playoffs.

The injury happened in Sunday’s game 4 in Boston against the Celtics. The Cavs ended up sweeping the Celtics. In what was a very physical game that saw two major injuries, along with Love’s torn shoulder, Celtic Foward Jae Crowder also left the game with a serious knee injury after an altercation with the Cav’s JR Smith.

Love was tangled up with Celtic Forward Kelly Olynyk and in what has been argued as a freak injury and a purposely move by Olynyk, both players sort of got tangled ending in Love being injured. The Cavs still seem to be the favorite to come out of the Eastern Conference, even with Love out and the suspension of JR Smith for 2 games.

It could have been much worse for Smith and the Cavs. He connected with a backhanded punch right to the jaw of Jae Crowder. Crowder was floored by the punch and in the process suffered a torn ACL. Love was starting to become more of a factor for the Cavs.

After a bit of a disappointing season, Love was settling in, finally appearing to be a compliment to stars Lebron James and Kyrie Irving. Now the Cavs will need to rely heavily on those two starts as their Big 3 is down to 2.

The good news for the Cavs is one thing they don’t lack is size. But Love, was not only big on the boards but also stretched the floor and gave the Cavs offense good spacing. It will be interesting to see how Lebron and the Cavs react to early playoff adversity. The Cavs are currently awaiting the winners of the Bulls vs the Bucks.

After 4 Straight Finals Trips, Flame Has Run Out In Miami

The Miami Heat come into the last 2 remaining regular season games in a position they have not been in in four years. It’s actually a position that only a year ago would have seemed unthinkable. The Heat are on the brink of being eliminated from playoff contention.

Of course, we all know what happened last summer in Miami. Lebron James, decided to go back to his hometown and return to the Cleveland Cavaliers. In doing so, he left an upheaval in Miami and many wondered what would be left of Miami. While the Heat were able to retain their remaining 2 core players, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade, the team has been hit with injuries all season. Coach Erik Spoelstra has had to play magician some nights as the team has sported 20 different starting lineups this season due to injury. Continue reading After 4 Straight Finals Trips, Flame Has Run Out In Miami

As NFL Draft Nears, Questions Remain On Top Pick

Will it be Marcus or Winston.

With only 3 weeks remaining, the question still remains will it be Marcus Mariota or Jameis Winston going to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at #1. The Bucs may do the unexpected and trade out of the top pick if they’re not convinced that either guy could be their franchise quarterback.



The consensus is that Jameis Winston will be the top pick and will be in a Tampa Bay Bucs uniform next season. Winston had a steller sophomore season at Florida State but questions about his decision making both on and off the field have be brought up.

Winston, who had several off the field issues, including being accused of sexual assault, although he was never formally charged with the crime.

More concerning maybe his on the field decisions as he threw 18 interceptions last season for the Seminoles and had a few sub par performances.

Marcus Mariota on the other hand, had his Oregon Ducks on the brink of a national championship but the Ducks fell to the Ohio State Buckeyes in heartbreaking fashion.

The knock on Mariota is his relatively small size. He is what is considered to be a mobile quarterback and there is a concern over the amount of hits he can take at the NFL level.

The NFL draft gets underway May 2 and all of these questions will be answered. If nothing else, it will be interesting.

Duke Blue Devils Top Of The College Basketball World, 5th Time

On Monday night, the Duke Blue Devils captured their fifth championship. Under the direction of Coach Mike Krzyzewski, the Blue Devils went on to defeat the Wisonsin Badgers by the score of 68-63.

While the game had it’s share of controversy, namely a questionable out of bounds call with just under 2 minutes remaining in the game, The Blue Devils earned their way to victory late by executing near flawless offense and playing tough defense.

The Blue Devils were lead by freshman guard Tyrus Jones who scored 23 points including a dagger 3 pointer to put the game out of reach.

Duke now elevates their already well established legacy. The only question now remains how many of the 3 freshman players on the Duke roster this season will return.

Jahlil Okafor, Tyrus Jones and Justise Winslow all have NBA talent and could be entering this year’s NBA draft. If Duke loses all three players it will no doubt be a tough blow; however, Coach K seems to be ready in the event it does happen.